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GEOGRAPHY INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM May 04th – 07th 2012 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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City and University Tour

Posted by admin, 7th February 2012, Categories: Symposium


Cultural visits to natural, historic and cultural sites in Yogyakarta and Central Java there are Prambanan Temple, Merapi Volcano, Kraton Jogjakarta and Malioboro. This event gives chances to explore cultural charactheristic in Yogyakarta city. The articipants could learn the traditions, histories, and enjoy every impressed part of Yogya. The City tour will bring the participants to enjoy The Gorgeous Prambanan Temple and The historical Kraton Yogyakarta. The purpose of this tour is to promote tourism resort and traditional things of Yogyakarta.
Beside the Yogyakarta City Tour, the participants could also enjoy The University Tour. The University tour will enable participants to explore Universitas Gadjah Mada by doing a trip around the Universitas Gadjah Mada and some major part of it and its faculties.
The tour destinations :

Historical Sites (Prambanan temple) : Prambanan temple is a masterpiece of Hindu culture who lived in Yogyakarta City in the tenth century. The slim building soaring up to 47 meters makes its beautiful architecture incomparable. This temple will be looked more glamorous under the full moon.  

Tugu Monument : A view monument jogja without passing by vehicles is rare. Dawn becomes the best time to enjoy it freely, set in sky blue and orange shades of the sun that is about to come out from its resting place.

 Tamansari : Tamansari is a place where the Sultan Of Yogyakarta and his family spent their spare time. This palce is a kind of a bathing pool complete with the fresehness and clear water on it. Tamansari consists of two ponds that separated by a rise building. The pool water comes out from the unique animal-shaped shower. The pool building is very unique with large pots inside.

 Merapi vulcano.

 Gadjah Mada University . Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) is the oldest and the largest state university in Indonesia. It was founded on December 19, 1949 and currently has 18 faculties, 69 undergraduate programs, 24 diploma programs and a Graduate School. Since December 2000, the university has taken a new status as a state-owned legal entity.

Provisions of participants

  1. The participants who join the city tour and university tour are the participants in Category A and Category B, while the participants in Category C could only enjoy the City Tour.
  2. The payments for the full sets participants has covered the payment for the tour
  3. The time schedule for the tours :

University tour held on May, 5th 2012
City Tour held on May, 7th 2012