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GEOGRAPHY INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM May 04th – 07th 2012 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Faculty of Geography UGM

Posted by admin, 7th February 2012, Categories: Symposium

In 1950, Faculty of Geography is one of the major at the Faculty of Art. In 1956 the Faculty was transformed into the Faculty of Art and Culture of UGM. At that time, Department of Earth Sciences grows rapidly. And finally Department of Earth Science became Faculty of Geography (September 1st, 1963 celebrated as the birth of this faculty). It is the first Faculty of Geography in Indonesia. At the first time, this faculty has two majors, Physical Geography and Human Geography. Now Faculty of Geography UGM has three study programs at undergraduate level (S1), namely Geographic and Environmental Science, Cartography and Remote Sensing, and Regional Development.

Vision and Mission
To be the best center in learning Geography at the world scale

  1. To promote quality of education based on the world standard
  2. To promote quality of regional research
  3. To promote community services and give solution to environment problems
  4. To promote national and international network

To promote a good faculty governance

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