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GEOGRAPHY INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM May 04th – 07th 2012 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Posted by admin, 15th May 2012, Categories: News update

On May 5th young people has showed their concern about climate change in International Youth Conference which held in Faculty of Geography UGM. In that conference students from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Canada, Uzbekistan, and Timor Leste tried to speak whats on their mind, found alternative solutions for environmental problems, and finally make a declaration which summarized those topics.


International Youth Conference was not a single event that BEM KM Faculty of Geography and IMAHAGI made. One day before, on May 4th there were a welcoming event named welcoming party and AGSA Forum. The committee served a unique atmosphere at the welcoming party with providing participants which came from different country with angkringan and preformace from punakawan (characters of wayang –indonesian traditional puppet-). Several hours before welcoming party, geograpy student from some regions in Indonesia and ASEAN met and talked about the inisiative to make a forum for geography students in ASEAN called AGSA Forum. AGSA Forum has goal for being an organization for geography students from ASEAN in sharing their thoughts about environmental and geographical issues.

Committee of Geography Iternational Symposium scheduled this event will end on the fourth day and the main event was international symposium on the third day. The theme of Geography International Symposium was Adaptation towards Climate Change for Sustainability. Prof. Ronald Abler as the president of Intenational Geographical Union and Prof. Suratman as the Dean of Faculty of Geography opened the symposium by sounding a gong (traditional music instrument from Indonesia) three times. The speakers in Geography International Symposium 2012 was Dr. Armi Susandi (Vice Chairman of Dewan Nasional Perubahan Iklim), Drs. Budi Suhardi, DEA. (Vice Chairman of Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi, dan Geofisika), Prof. Jumina (Chairman of Pusat Studi Energi), Dr. Pramono Hadi (Chairman of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation), Dr. Baiquni (Member of Leadership for Environment and Development), and Mr. Sakariza Qori Hermawan (CSR of Bank Negara Indonesia). Various speakers in this symposium showed that everybody from different educational background and field of work has a part in saving our earth from climate change.

The event continued with farewell party in the evening and city tour on the next day to Merapi, Malioboro, and Desa Wisata Grogol.
“Since this is the first Geography International Symposium, I hope that there’ll be the second, the third, and so on in the next time.”, said Rona, the chairperson of GIS 2012. Everybody agreed with what Rona said because this event has become an event for students and stakeholders to share knowledge about environmental issues and also to advance the science of geography. This event could not be successfull without contribution of BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) as the main sponsor. Other geographical issues will be discussed on the next Geography International Symposium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

By : Arini Murwindarti