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GEOGRAPHY INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM May 04th – 07th 2012 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Posted by admin, 7th February 2012, Categories: Symposium

Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Special Region of Yogyakarta) is a province in Indonesia. Yogyakarta has a predicate as a student city. People give this predicate because there are so many educational institutions in this city such as schools and universities and Yogyakarta also become the center of education in Indonesia. Besides that, Yogyakarta also called as a city of tourism, city of culture, and city of history. Yogyakarta is the second largest tourist destination after Bali. Various types of tourism developed in this region. The history and status of Yogyakarta is interesting to observe. The name of this region uses the term Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta as well as its status as a Special Region.

Adisucipto Airport as the gate of Yogyakarta represents the modernity of this city. Once the tourist exiting the airport building they will easily choose the transportation to carry them into some interesting places in Yogyakarta. The options are train, taxi, bus, and Transjogja. Transjogja is a Bus Rapid Transit that provided by the government of Yogyakarta. As a public transportation, Transjogja is cheap, fast, and also comfortable if it is compared with another public transportation.

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