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GEOGRAPHY INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM May 04th – 07th 2012 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Youth Conference

Posted by admin, 7th February 2012, Categories: Symposium

Youth Role for Climate Change and Environmental Issues
This youth conference is aimed to give chances for the youth to discuss about the environmetal condition nowadays, and its sustainability. The participants of the youth conference have to submit their description about the environmental problems occur in their own country and contribute their ideas to face the climate change for preserveing the environmet in order to be sustainable. The conference divided into topic groups discussion, there are :

  1. Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management
  2. Hydrology and Agroecosystem in Climate change
  3. Community Empowerment to Adapt Climate Change
  4. Reducing Economic Disruption Caused by Climate Change

Output from this activity is Youth Declaration that will socialisted on opening ceremony of International Symposium
Provisions of participants :

  1. Participants can choose a group of four topics and concern in that case and participants have to make a short  essay about that choosen focus topic
  2. Participants are generally may comes from civitas academica, researcher, or public society who 18 – 38 years old
  3. The conference definite for 80 first registrant person, and the participants must ensure short essay about the topic they chose in English or in Bahasa)
  4. Fee to join this conference : IDR 30.000
  5. Registration opened now till latest participants registration  : April, 30th 2012
  6. The panel conference will be held at May, 5th 2012 starts from 07.30 WIB – end at Faculty of Geography Universitas Gadjah Mada
Facility : Notes and Pen, Certificate, Coffee break, Lunch

Youth conference will be held on " Merapi Hall " Faculty of Geography UGM start on 7AM till end (west Indonesian time)